xoChat IRC Client for Windows 10

An IRC client designed for Windows 10 and an always-on connection, xoChat helps you stay connected to your friends with your PC, tablet, phone, and more. It can adapt itself to any screen size and any device, so you can chat with ease anytime. If your device has full support for Modern Standby in Windows 10, you'll be able to stay connected even when the app is closed and the device is asleep.

Features of xoChat IRC Client

About File Transfers (DCC)

File transfer support is being considered. The issue is in reliably coordinating transfers when switching the app into and out of the background, while considering battery life. IRC is somewhat demanding on the battery, requiring checks every few minutes to keep the connection active, so it's important that any battery drain from file transfers is minimized. There is no timeframe set for this feature at this time.

Modern Standby Issues

Modern Standby in Windows 10 allows for devices, including laptops and tablets, to remain connected even when the device is asleep. On phones, this system tends to work as expected, but on certain tablet and laptop models, you may see a less responsive connection in Modern Standby. This often results in more disconnects and timeouts than usual. One way of fixing this unresponsive behavior is to disable D0 Packet Coalescing on your WiFi device in the Device Manager. Please note that this improvement may slightly increase power consumption. Learn more about packet coalescing.

Highlight Search Terms

Please note that the format for your Highlight search terms is different if the "Regex search" option is enabled. To search for "hello" or "world" with Regex off, it would be: hello,world (no spaces after commas). With Regex on, the commas are replaced by the pipe character like: hello|world. Regex search is complex, but it can be more precise. Learn more about Regex (regular expressions).

Action Center Notifications

You'll receive a notification in the Action Center for normal messages:

You'll receive a notification in the Action Center for highlighted messages:

Get xoChat IRC Client (Beta)

Note: this is subject to change, and compatibility is not guaranteed with the final release.
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Change Log: 1.1.549.0 (2017/05/13)

Change Log: 1.1.546.0 (2017/04/06)

Change Log: 1.1.530.0 (2016/11/17)

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